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  • 17/02/2017



    Veneziani: brand of colors of the sea

    Since 145 years Veneziani Yachting colors have been sailing on all the seas in the world. A great adventure which started with the development of the first antifouling  and continues today, owing to the company’s continuous investments in research and development of new and more effective products, which are available in a broad range of colors with high gloss and long durability. All in accordance with the Veneziani tradition to guarantee the maximum protection of boats with great care of the sea environment. 


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    Do you want to personalize your boat?  This section shall help you to find the ideal look.
    Yachting Changecolor is a novel application which offers the possibility to realize the boat of your dreams. With few and easy steps you can choose the preferred color for topside, superstructures, vertical sides and deckhouse. Just choose the preferred shade and paint your boat.
    The available colors are those of the Veneziani Color Card, but they are indicative because they may be  affected by the screen. In order to see the real colors, you should consult the color cards which are available at the Veneziani distributor closest to your home.


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    Which antifouling and how much of it shall I apply to the hull of my boat? Sometimes it may be difficult to choose and/or quantify the most suitable product.
    Antifouling Calculator takes into account the data of your boat or of the boat you want to purchase and helps you to calculate the needed quantity as well as to choose the most suitable antifouling. By entering the requested information, you can calculate the area of your hull as well as find out the quantity and the type of antifouling to purchase in accordance with the preferred application method.

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